Based in Plymouth, Devon

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2nd September 2015


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Satellite Command

Plymouth Science Park,
1 Davy Road, Derriford, Plymouth,
United Kingdom,



Stormtide is an independent video game developer based in Plymouth, UK. Founded in Cornwall, the studio is dedicated to creating high-quality innovative video games to a worldwide audience.

Stormtide released the mobile app Satellite Command in June 2016, and a fully-fledged PC version in December 2016 - shipping on Steam. Developed in Unreal Engine 4, the game gives players the opportunity to manage their own space agency and take control of a fleet of Satellites, experiencing the challenges that agencies face every day while learning more about our planet and deep space phenomena.


Early history

Stormtide originally came together in May 2014, as part of the Alacrity / Launchpad programme run by Falmouth University. With EU funding and support from industry veterans and partners, the team developed multiple products during their incubation period.

Our first industry partner was Goonhilly Earth Station, a historic and operational Satellite control station based in The Lizard in Cornwall. Stormtide developed a 30-player tablet-controlled mission control experience, where players work together in teams of three to control a Satellite in orbit around Earth, and destroy orbiting debris. With three huge screens at the front of the room, the game set the tone of a real mission control center and raised awareness of the issue of Space Debris. The game also featured a realistic astrophysics simulation, hidden behind gamification.

The Studio saw success in the early stages of its incubation period, where a game-jam* resulted in such a strong game prototype, that it was hosted by Epic Games at EGX 2014 in London - and used as a showcase for the flexibility and power of the Unreal Engine.

Post-Incubation, the studio officially incoporated and succesfully sought out investment - using its technology to develop a mobile app based on Goonhilly's visitor attraction, and later developing a fully fledged PC game, Satellite Command. Stormtide is now working on its next title Eclipse, due to ship on PS4, Xbox One and Steam later this year.

*A 2-Day competition where a game must be designed and created to a theme.

Founding Member History - James Baxter

James is the studios principle member, with skills in Programming, 3D and Technical Art, Project Management and Business Entrepreneurship. Before founding Stormtide Ltd, James worked as a hobbyist developer and freelancer for several indie studios - refining his skills he developed as a mod-maker for older games.

His home-developed skills awarded him the opportunity to work on the Falmouth Launchpad programme, kickstarting his ability to build his own Video Game Studio. Originally studying Audio Engineering at Plymouth University, James completed a Masters in Entrepreneuship at Falmouth University during the incubation period.

A fan of fast-paced shooters and real-time strategy games, James hopes to bring rich and detailed new worlds to the Games Industry and it's consumers.



Satellite Command Trailer YouTube


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    Read about what Stormtide are doing here: stormtide.co.uk.

    Game Keys
    We would love to know what you think and are always looking for people to cover our games, we’re happy to provide you with a key for the game upon request, contact us at Hello@Stormtide.co.uk .

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    James Baxter
    CEO, Director, Developer

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